Class Highlights

Some members of the Kid's Class...
- November 28, 2015-
... Promotion Day.


- June 2015 -
Studio Workout


- August 2014 -
The Kung-Fu San Soo, Reseda Class Potluck Party.














Kung-Fu Trolley Kids


- Class 2014 -
A few of the Students at KFSSR...











Karl Haag, 1st Degree Black Belt, April 21, 2014
If there's a hole in the studio wall... or the plumbing springs a leak...
Karl is right there to fix things up.  "Hey Karl, you don't have a
cresent wrench or a Number 2 Phillips screwdriver on ya?"...
"Just a minute,  I've got 'em on the truck!"

Note:  Sadly, Karl passed away in 2015.  Mr. Haag asked me
to post his picture to mark his hard work and black belt
achievments.  He will be missed.


- August 2012 -
A few of the Black Belts at KFSSR...















(Front) Jason, Alex, Dawn-Marie,
(Back) Randy, Patrick, Master Paul, Michael, Ralph and Howard.


- August 2007 -

   Class Form
   Working Out

   Pat Does Form

  A Fightin' Devil



Tom Berger, center, trained with Sifu Paul H. Borisoff in the 1980s.  He is a family man, a school teacher
residing in San Diego, California.  He presently trains with Kosty's KFSS in Oceanside and has just
 received his 3rd Degree Black Belt.  Tom is a remarkable individual and his return to the art is applauded.
He started in the Kid's Class at 10 years old.  Having watched him grow up it, we must say...

"Congratulations, old man!" 

- September 2006 -

                  Some Class Members Pose

                          From left to right (top row) Ralph, Gary, Luis, Daniel & Melvin
                        (bottom row) Dawn Marie, Instructor Heather, Randy & Patrick

                 Women's Self-Defense Class

          - August 2003 -

                         Some Class Members Pose

        From Left to Right (Top Row) Master Thomas Berry, Master Todd Nielsen, A.J. Estiandan,
        Douglas Schmidt, Master Instructor Paul Borisoff, Shaul Broytman, Dr. Thomas Fish.
        From Left to Right (Bottom Row) Gary Glisson, Robert Lansing, Instructor Heather Bridle,
        Dr. Luis Cruz, Timothy Fennel.


                         Timothy Fennel, Brown Belt, Stretches Out.


          Gary Glisson, 4th Degree Black Belt, Writes Down His Lesson.

Gary has grown up in the art ...

Pictured above is white belt, Gary Glisson, 19 years old! (1983)


Robert "Lan Sing" Meditates After A Good Workout.

"Heather, You Want Me ... To Do ... What? ... Block That Sword !!!?

"But Doctor, That Sword Was Ten Foot Long!"


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