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May 2000  News Flash!

- Master Paul goes to Washington -

Master Paul H. Borisoff delivering Keynote Address at the Pentagon.





... Ralph Johnson, 1st Degree Black Belt, makes a new friend

(Click Picture to Enlarge)

And speaking of talented Musicians ... Vinnie Colaiuta,
famed drummer with Frank Zappa and Sting took lessons
for a time in the late 80s at my Northridge location.
He gave my youngest his first drum lessons! 

And in Hollywood ...

Director Victor Mancilla (green belt) premieres his
 Documentary, "The Forgotten Eagles", a tribute to the 
heroic World War II pilots of the Mexican 201 Air Squadron.


Photo Credit -  Heather Bridle

Actress, Dancer, Print Model - DAWN MARIE
(The Other Sister, Baywatch, Third Rock & Seventh Heaven)
heats up the studio with her blazing punching and kicking combos.


... Character Actor Ramon Chavez
(Knight Rider 2010, My Name is Earl, House,
Invasion, The Sacketts, Just One Of The Guys)
stays fit with a great San Soo workout!


Larry Reid, Producer, Filmmaker, Director, and
Screen Writer is dedicated to mastering our fabulous art.



... Actress Ambrosia Kelley (Kill Bill) and Dancer Liz Ramos
  (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) study Kung-Fu San Soo
during breaks in their busy careers.

Robert Payares, green belt, is a boxing  coach.
Robert is not an actor... but we think he should be!
Note:  Robert earned his black belt.  Sadly, He
passed away in 2015.  He will be missed.


Justin Brusca

Co-Founder of the Bitskits and Gravy Comedy Group, Justin Brusca has  performed in films such as Jobs, Lovelace, The Guilt Trip and Sullivan and Son".  Justified and Dexter are just a couple of the popular Television shows featuring this up and coming actor.



“Make me one with everything,” the Buddhist monk said to the hot-dog vendor who was hawking food near the temple.  The vendor made a frank with mustard, ketchup, relish, and onions.  The monk took it and handed over a twenty-dollar bill.  The vendor stashed the cash in his apron and turned his attention to the next customer.  “But where’s my change?” the monk inquired ... “Change must come from within, my friend,” said the vendor.


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